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Entry #1

New Series!

2014-07-04 07:27:58 by ComicD

Hi, I'm Arbi, a.k.a ComicD. There's a new series coming on, called Timsday. I'll be working with some of my friends. Yeah, I probably think that I can do 2 episodes in one month. It's a comedy. It follows our adventures in space, underground, filmaking industry and other stuff. If this looks like something interesting, follow me! Even thou I have to say that it's gonna have its own channel, you'lle be able to watch it at my own.


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2014-07-04 07:38:17

Sounds interesting I don't usually follow before I see some content, but this project sounds really interesting Can't wait to see it in the portal, and if I like it, I'll follow you then ;).

ComicD responds:

Thank You! I'm glad someone thinks one of my ideas is interesting.